Welcome To Happy Confident Me!
Welcome To Happy Confident Me!
Over 12 Years Of Experience In Counselling
Who Is Shenaaz Moos?
Hi, I’m Shenaaz,
I am Registered Counsellor (also a mother of 3) and saw a great need for offering emotional support to adults, children, couples and families in my community. 

I guide, empower and elevate individuals willing to undertake the journey inwards to discover their greatness and transform their daily existence to an authentic and aligned world of discovery and splendour.

I focus on building Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Consciousness, my services include:

Play therapy for children from the age of 7
Parent Coaching
Teen/Adolescent Therapy
Motivational Talks
The Sanctuary Of Sisterhood

Feel Safe In The Sanctuary of Sisterhood

The bond of sisterhood is on that is built on trust. Become a member today.
Are you feeling lonely and alone? Or you may feel disconnected and isolated even when surrounded by people. As women we need, no we CRAVE a SISTERHOOD! Mexican anthropologist Marcela Lagarde who says that Sisterhood is: “a friendship between women who become allies to work together, a commitment to reach goals whilst feeling free and strong together.”
My Focus
What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  Knowing your own emotions,
  Recognizing and being sensitive to other people’s emotions,
  Knowing how to calm yourself when you are upset,
  Developing the skills of restraint – knowing when it is wise not to say or do something.
My Practice
The Five Pillar Foundation Of My Practice
EQ/ Emotional Intelligence | Awareness | Consciousness | Authenticity | Love
Problems & Challenges
  Most people are not living authentically or consciously and struggle with a variety of ego based challenges : lack of worth, lack of purpose, lack of passion, lack of self esteem - just LACK in general.
  These directly impact relationship functionality, as they are looking for their worth and validation outside themselves from others.
  They fail to recognise that the others they are seeking this from, are equally disconnected and in LACK.
  As a result they continue to wait and nothing changes for them, they fall deeper and deeper into the spiral of anxiety, depression and unhappiness.
  Ultimately needing medication to assist with mood regulation or medication for the chronic illnesses that have resulted from the stored emotional pain over the years.
Key Concepts
  Increasing emotional literacy and becoming emotionally intelligent.
  Recognising, understanding and managing emotions.
  Understanding how we impact the world through our thoughts and actions.
  How we co-create our interactions.
  Understand the Ego and its sidekicks, Lack & Scarcity, Expectation, Judgement, The Need to Be Right & The Need to Control.
  Identify when these are at play and how to step back into the present moment.
  Use mindfulness and meditation to stay grounded and focused on the now.
  Finding the true self, healing their inner child by identifying unmet needs and learning how to meet them for ourselves.
  Building boundaries.
  Becoming assertive.
  Balancing the feminine and masculine energies.
  When we live and act from pure intention because we are authentically aligned, we always speak and act from a place of love.
  Love is the end result of putting in the work and doing the healing and growth you need.
My Story
My Workshops

Befriending Your Self

Most of us were not raised with the model of compassion, kindness,
nurturing and forgiveness.
Most of our suffering and emotional pain can be alleviated if we have a better relationship
with our ourself. Most of us were not raised with the model of compassion, kindness,
nurturing and forgiveness. So as a result we internalised the model of harsh judgemental
inner critic as our inner voice. We say unbelievable cruel things to ourselves in our minds,
the kind of words we would never utter out loud even to someone we loath.


Protecting your Energy and Heart
Setting clear personal boundaries is the key to ensuring relationships are mutually respectful, supportive and caring. Boundaries are a measure of self-esteem. They set the limits for acceptable behaviour from those around you, determining whether they feel able to put you down, make fun, or take advantage of your good nature.

Conscious Parenting Course

Do you want to be more deliberate and conscious in your parenting?
What is Conscious Parenting ?
The relationship you have with your child is dependant on the relationship you have with yourself, this is the core principle underpinning Conscious Parenting. It teaches you to let go of society’s pressure to have the perfect child and accept the child as they are and this is the ultimate gift of connection. More importantly it guides you to be more accepting of yourself, slow down, be more mindful and present with your children and loved ones. This enables you to have a more fulfilling and...

Self Esteem Series

See the best in yourself, to aim higher in life.
Self-Esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. It encompasses beliefs about yourself and how you judge your appearance, beliefs, emotions, and behaviours.  This series of workshops will help you the importance of self-esteem, for yourself and for your children. 

Self-Mastery - Journey To The Self

If you feel lost, disconnected, or a stranger in your own life, now is the time find our authentic self.
We are all here to master ourselves but become sidetracked by the distractions of a conditioned life. If you could explore yourself to the depths of your soul, would you be proud, satisfied or inspired by what you discover. This journey to the self is a necessary one, not easy or quick but one of unforetold and unimaginable discovery. Life becomes textured with pure bliss, each moment more beautiful with the gifts of... 

Emotionally Connecting To Your Child 

Improves the bond and relationship between parent and child
If it feels like no matter what you try to say and do there is constant fighting, little or no communication between you and your child, then this workshop is for you. It improves the bond and relationship between parent and child. How?

It begins with looking at your own childhood and how its impacts your parenting. Discovering your Parenting Style, Temperaments and Birth Order and how they affect your family dynamic. Learning to speak your child’s Love Language helps with emotional connection...
My Workshops For Children
Bookings for these workshops is done through my application form. Get onto our subscribers list so that we can inform you on when my workshops for children are running.
Anxiety Management For Children
With clarity and simplicity, we help anxious fearful children become calmly confident
Building My EQ
Teaches you how to better interact, and understand people
Bully Proof Your Child
What to do when it happens, and how to recognize it before it starts.
Helping Children Cope With Divorce
Helping children validate their feelings about divorce in a constructive, powerful way.
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Anxiety Management For Children

When children suffer from extreme anxiety, you may notice that they become preoccupied with worries and fears, display physical symptoms like cramps and headaches. Helping children to understand and reduce the stress associated with the fears/worries is the aim of the workshop.

A child who is anxious, struggles to focus and concentrate at school and as a result it negatively impacts their academic success.Give your child the tools to reach their potential in life by attending this workshop.

The 5 Love Languages 

Learn how you, and others, experience love in different ways
Part 1: First discover you love language as a couple and how it has played out in your marriage. It will help you understand how you need to express love to your spouse so that they genuinely feel loved. Learn about the Language of Apology and how your partner wants you to say you are sorry.

Part 2: Learn what your children’s love languages are in order to connect, improve the relationship and build their self esteem.

Part 3: Be prepared for the Teenage years or learn how to speak your teenagers love language more fluently.

Building My EQ

A lack of emotional intelligence (EQ) is basically a lack of emotional maturity. EQ involves our ability to understand, use, regulate, and manage our emotions as key determinants of our life success and happiness.

Emotional intelligence appears to be a key predictor of children’s ability to make suitable peer relationships, get along at home, develop a well-balanced outlook on life, and to reach their academic potential at school.The workshop will equip them with skills to understand a wide array of emotions, expand their feeling vocabulary and lastly teach them how to express and manage emotion in a healthy way.

Bully Proof Your Child

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Helping Children Cope With Divorce

For children, divorce can be stressful, sad, and confusing. No matter their age , children may feel uncertain or angry at the thought of their parents no longer together.

Children feel like they are to blame that their family is no longer “normal”. The workshop will introduce them to the Five Stages of Grief : Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance and help them identify where they are in the stages.

Raising A Motivated Child

We all want children who are self motivated and driven to give their best to achieve their highest potential but not sure how to get there.
When we want to inspire and motivate our children, we often use bribery or a reward if they achieve an acquired goal (desired by us). They may achieve the goal but become dependant on the prize or ‘carrot’ that is being dangled and when nothing is being offered they lack motivation. This is extrinsic motivation.

Come and learn how intrinsic motivation will help your child :
Find learning rewarding.
Take more initiative.
Persist through challenges.
Have higher than average self-esteem.
Suffer less anxiety and depression.
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What Are Others Saying?

Conscious Parenting Workshop

Emotionally Connecting to Your Child Workshop

Angry Mommy Workshop

Conscious Parenting Workshop 2020

 I learnt that my real job in parenting was to raise the "real child" (me); my children were just a mirror for me. All my buttons I said my kid pushed, was exactly that, My buttons. My work lay here, not with my child, but on all the unclaimed arrested development parts of myself. I learnt there is no quick fix, there is only consciousness or unconscious, that made the difference between seeing things properly as they were, owning my stuff, owning up, showing up in the moment, getting up and getting on track again when I found myself unconscious no matter how often.
There is no perfection or getting it right every single time, but there is a lifelong commitment to striving for consciousness, owning up and apologizing, and moving forward.
Parenting, I learnt is a journey of the self, our kids respond to where we are at accordingly. I am thankful for the child that bravely came to mirror me and my unfinished work. My relationship to my child is directly proportionate to my consciousness, and likewise the lack thereof. Jazakillah khayran Shenaaz for opening up and being a example of living this path yourself. ❤🤲🏼💐


Emotionally Connecting to Your Child Workshop

Angry Mommy Workshop

Angry Mommy Workshop

Emotionally Connecting to Your Child Workshop

Emotionally Connecting to Your Child Workshop

Emotionally Connecting to Your Child Workshop

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