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Who Is Shenaaz Moos?

Getting to know me!

My name is Shenaaz Moos, and I am from the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa where the two oceans meet, the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, home to Table Mountain, one of the New7Wonders of Nature. I am a healer, a poet, a writer, and lyrical conjurer. I write poetry & quotes to expand your mind and heart that will touch your soul. I began my pathway in 1991 studying to be a psychologist at the University of Western Cape, abandoned my master’s degree today and ended up working in finance for a few years, then transitioned to a stay-at-home mom (of 3) for a decade before reentering the workforce, this time on my own times. It meant leaving my comfort zone, going back to university after 17 years and completing my degree. The lesson I learnt and now teach is that it is never too late for change, growth, picking up forgotten dreams and creating a life that serves you and your soul’s purpose. Simply: A life that makes you JUMP out of the bed in the morning!!!

Parenting Expert on a local breakfast show, Expresso Morning Show

My most recent accolade was being asked to be the Parenting Expert on a local breakfast show, Expresso Morning Show. It was just the Universe answering my call to reach more people and so it was. I was not a good mother and didn’t understand why I was angry and miserable. Then the blinkers came off and I started my awakening journey, shedding the layers of false conditioning.
Through the unveiling of my anger, I discovered that I was a Perfectionist and was raised by an angry perfectionist. It was time to break this unhealthy intergenerational pattern, so that my daughter does not take it into her mothering too. It has been the most beautiful journey, healing myself, healing my relationship with my kids, accepting myself and accepting my kids, loving, and having fun with myself. I decided to channel this growth and teach other women to take the same amazing journey to their authentic selves. This birthed my first workshop Emotionally Connecting to Your Child in 2015 and I have run it ten times. My most recent baby is The Self Mastery Institute, an online platform which is a place to heal and a place to grow.

Happy Confident Me

I have been writing since the age of 7, all the family birthday cards and messages without being told it was my gift, so I did not step into its power until 2013 when I started my private practice and FB page called Happy Confident Me. I felt empowered by my inner calling and by the messages I was asked to deliver. My mission is to guide, empower and elevate individuals willing to undertake the journey inwards to discover their greatness and transform their daily existence to an authentic and aligned world of discovery and splendor. Wanting to make the world a better place sounds crazy when you say it out loud and to others, but that is exactly how I feel. I like rocking the complacent boat people are in. Nothing changes or grows from being the same. Waking people, the fuck up is what it is all about. 
Healing and soul aligning is what I was put here to do, and to grow love and consciousness globally. The core themes of my writing are consciousness, authenticity & love. I am currently working on a book about awakening consciousness. 
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