Self-Esteem Series

Session 1: Building Your Child’s Esteem
Session 2: Building Your Self Esteem : Boundaries
Session 3: Building Your Self Esteem : Assertiveness
Session 4: - Building Your Self Esteem : Authenticity

Self-Esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself. It encompasses beliefs about yourself and how you judge your appearance, beliefs, emotions, and behaviours.
Building self-esteem involves getting to know one’s self and accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses. Confidence is a measure of faith in one’s own abilities; esteem is about our sense of self. It involves both thoughts and emotions and influences how we perceive others and interact with the world.
This series of workshops will help you the importance of self-esteem, for yourself and for your children.
1. Building Your Child’s Esteem 
Even without knowing it we often speak and behave in ways that damages our children’s self-esteem. We are unnecessary harsh, critical, or dismissive with them. We need to learn ways of building their sense of self, celebrate who they authentically are. Their future choices and self-worth depend on it. Teaching children to see the best in themselves, to help them aim high in life. Help your child believe in their amazingness and this will propel them on to achieve and be successful as adults.
• What is self-esteem?
• What damages self-esteem?
• Low Self Esteem affects
• Ways to build your child’s self esteem
Children with Low Self Esteem
• Feel lost and unworthy of love and may seek acceptance with the friends (often the wrong kind).
• Unassertive, they have trouble saying NO and allow themselves to be manipulated.
• Find it difficult to accept compliments, so don’t know that their true worth and value.
• Are insecure, nervous, and anxious around others, so struggle to make and maintain friends.
2. Building Your Self Esteem: Boundaries
Setting clear personal boundaries is the key to ensuring relationships are mutually respectful, supportive, and caring. Boundaries are a measure of self-esteem. They set the limits for acceptable behaviours from those around you, determining whether they feel able to put you down, make fun, or take advantage of your good nature.
You decide how you let others treat you and this workshop will help you understand the importance of boundaries and how to establish them.
• Definition of a personal boundary
• Different types of boundaries
• How to define and set your boundaries
• The Problem with People Pleasing
• What to do when people cross your boundaries
3. Building Your Self Esteem: Assertiveness 
Assertiveness is a communication style. It is being able to express your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and opinions in an open manner that doesn’t violate the rights of others.
The main effect of not being assertive is that it can lead to low self-esteem. If we communicate in a passive manner, we are not saying what we really feel or think. This means we can end up agreeing with and fulfilling other people’s needs or wants rather than our own. This can result in a lack of purpose, and a feeling of not being in control of our own lives.
If we never express ourselves openly and conceal our thoughts and feelings this can make us feel tense, stressed, anxious or resentful. It can also lead to unhealthy and uncomfortable relationships. We will feel like the people closest to us don’t really know us.
• What is Assertiveness?
• How to Recognize Assertive Behaviours
• How to Behave More Assertively
• How to Say “No” Assertively
 4. Building Your Self Esteem: Authenticity 
Authenticity is a way of being yourself that reflects worthwhile human values and behaviours that reflects them. They include knowing yourself, being true to yourself, recognizing the importance of others, and acting on those values with honour, integrity, and courage.
Genuine self-esteem requires avoiding self-betrayal. You can’t be true to yourself and betray your authenticity at the same time.
• What is Authenticity?
• Why it’s hard to be Authentic
• Letting go of Roles
• 8 Ways to be True to Yourself
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