Emotionally Connecting To Your Child Workshop
In these trying times, it has been difficult juggling the supervision of the children’s online classes, you’re working from home, cooking, cleaning and remaining sane. It has become the norm to feel overwhelmed. The feeling of overwhelm manifests emotions of anxiety, irritability, anger, worry and causes us to lash out at our children. If this, is you, then you need to support and guidance to change your responses and improve the relationship with yourself and your children? This workshop is a definite tool to help you get there.
Session 1
This session will help you understand how you parent and why you parent the way you do. 
• Orientation and reflection
• Parenting styles
• Looking at your own childhood and how it impacts your parenting
Session 2
This session will help you understand why your children respond so differently to the same event or stimuli. 
• Temperaments: Identity, understand and manage your children’s temperamento.
• Birth Order: Understand how your place in the family influences your behavior.
Session 3
This session will teach you about The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.
• Take the Love Language Test to help you discover your own love language and learn to fill your own love tank.
• Learning to speak your child’s love language.
 Session 4
We all struggle with our emotions and to keep our cool and we need to learn how to manage our anger.
• How to control the anger monster inside of you.
• Understand the link between anger and perfectionism.
 Course Price:  R2,000
 R500 per session      
 Course Duration: 8 Hours    
 4 x 2 hour sessions    
  Next Date:
To Be Confirmed
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Emotionally Connecting feedback 2020
Session 3: Love Languages
I found today's session helpful. Even though I used to be obsessed with Gary Chapman's love languages a long time ago, viewing the concept through the lens of my children was deeply informative and helped me to understand them through a new lens. I can see the benefits of being able to communicate more efficiently and effectively with my kids in a way that is more readily understood. Now for the hard work of implementation 😊 And as Shenaaz has said, once you've learnt about your child's love language, you can’t feign ignorance!
Part 3 of 4 - Love languages. We are the primary source of how our kids interact with others, they mirror our relationships as parents, spouses and as siblings, so truly project what you want them to be. This is what I took away from this session, an awakening just like in previous sessions. Learning that there is not just one way of showing love and receiving it. I learned what my, my spouse and kids love languages are and look forward to acting out theirs and being more verbal/open in receiving mine. This session, like all others was raw and real and with Shenaaz's humble manner in parting with her life knowledge, you feel comfortable enough to explore your truth without being judged. Thank you Tasneem (colab training) and Shanaaz for creating this space. Let the healing begin❤️❤️❤️
Love Languages: I really enjoyed today's session. I knew about love languages and had done the quiz. But it never dawned on me that my kids also had their own specific love languages. My daughter and I did her scores together and it was such a lovely activity for both of us. I can see firsthand the difference it makes when their tank is full. Thanks for a very interesting afternoon.
Feedback on session #3:
I appreciate & love that each time Shenaaz presents _Love Languages_ I take away something new, additional value I can add on my & our family's journey of greater relationships with each other. One of my big takeaways of today was how speaking our loved ones' love language has positive effects on them as people beyond the home environment ❤️  Shenaaz's passion for the content is infectious & comes through strongly; you can't leave this workshop the same as when you entered ❤️
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