Befriending Your Self
Most of our suffering and emotional pain can be alleviated if we have a better relationship with ourselves. Most of us were not raised with the model of compassion, kindness, nurturing and forgiveness. So as a result we internalised the model of harsh judgemental inner critic as our inner voice. 

We say unbelievable cruel things to ourselves in our minds, the kind of words we would never utter out loud even to someone we loath. It is now an automatic response and a default setting. Your life is miserable without self compassion and it can change as it is something you can learn as an adult. 

Unlearning old harmful patterns and relearning health loving ones is part of everyone’s inner child and reparenting journey. We can find the right words to comfort our friends and loved ones in their time of struggle, yet it is never available from ourself to ourself. If you are willing to change it, come join me and a limited number of ladies to shift this pattern.

Join this powerful first time offered workshop that will teach you:
1. What is and is Not Self-Compassion
2. The Importance of Self-Compassion
3. Why we struggle with Self-Compassion
4. The Self-Critical Cycle
5. Positive Beliefs about Self-Criticism
6. Challenging Positive Beliefs about Self-Criticism
7. Negative Beliefs about Self-Compassion

DATE : 22 October 2023
TIME : 2-5PM
PLACE: Online
INVESTMENT : R600 (includes surprise gift worth R450)

NB : Limited Spaces available
 Course Price: R600    
Includes surprise give worth R450       
 Course Duration: 3 hours 
  Next Date: 22 October 2023
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